About Smoke Free Generation

Smoke Free Generation - be a part of it! is a collaboration of service providers who want to protect young Tasmanians from the harmful effects of tobacco use.

Smoke Free Young People aims to prevent smoking uptake, help those who have already started smoking to quit and to create and support smoke free environments. 

This website includes details on the range of options that young Tasmanians can use or access to become smoke free.

It also includes information and resources to ensure adults, particularly teachers and youth workers, are aware of their role in ensuring a smoke free generation. This includes preventing or delaying smoking uptake, encouraging and assisting young smokers to reduce or quit smoking and to create and support smoke free and healthy environments.

Partners in the Smoke Free Generation collaboration are:

Tasmanian Government Logo: Abstract art featuring a Tasmanian Tiger head peering over yellow grass at a river below.
Drug Education Network Logo: A broken oval with pointed ends surrounding the letters 'den' and 'drug education network inc.'
QUIT Tasmania logo: Navy blue QUIT in large letters with a cigarette forming the line of the Q.
Pulse Youth Health South Logo: An abstract green target with 'Pulse' in the bullseye, with 'Youth' 'Health' and 'South' appearing in green rectangles sticking out from the right side.
Independant Schools Tasmania Logo: A simplified green Tasmania shape on top of a swooping, curved triangle shape.
Cancer Council Tasmania Logo: Illustrated image of a Daffodil flower in bright yellow

Contributions from the Tasmanian Government include the Department of Education and Department of Health (Public Health Services and Alcohol and Drug Services).

Powered by DEN Logo: An illustrated box with variously sized gears on each side, a lightbulb on top and three small lightning bolts emerging from the base of the lightbulb.
The Link Youth Health Service Logo: 'The Link' in large lowercase letters beside a purple sketched spiral

The Smoke Free Generation website is powered by the Drug Education Network.