Web Resources:

QUIT Tasmania


Quit Tasmania website provides access to a range of information and downloadable, interactive resources to help people quit.

Order a free quit pack: all you need to do is fill in details including your name, address, gender, year of birth and how you found out about the Quit Tasmania website.

I have some questions: you can email questions to Quitline or read answers to some frequently asked questions like “ what’s the best way to stop smoking?

Support: Watch short videos on what it’s like to call Quitline or arrange to have a Quitline counsellor call you back by providing your name and contact details.

Success Stories: Needing a bit more motivation? View quit stories of others who have done it or share your own.

Quit Coach

The online Quit Coach provides a personalised quit plan based on answers to questions about smoking behaviour and circumstances. It is designed to provide relevant, useful advice wherever you are in your quit attempt – from not being ready to quit to having trouble staying smoke free.

The Quit Coach is free, and helps you as you progress towards your goal, or being smoke free. If you join Quit Coach it will help guide you through your quit process. They provide you with help for as long as you need it, until you are a stable non-smoker.

Using the Quit Coach is simple; it involves answering questions and receiving advice when you visit the site regularly. The answers you give help the Quit Coach to better support you.

Questions they will ask:

  • How often do you currently smoke?

  • How do you plan to go about quitting smoking altogether?

  • Do you have a date that you want to quit by?

You can join Quit Coach or enter as a guest, however if you join, they are able to provide you with the support YOU need.